Ayahuasca: Transformation on a Soul Level


"In the depths of the Amazonia, where cities float, dolphins speak, and plants are spirits, the Mother of all plants is found: Ayahuasca (the teacher plant).  For centuries wise healers have received the secret to a magic brew, that answers the call of anyone seeking for its healing power.  Western medicine does not have all the answers.  For anyone who wishes to face their fears, heal their body and spirit, and learn from this sapiential jungle, their journey might begin here ..."


Ayahuasca Netherlands


Individual and Duo Ayahuasca Ceremonies


Ayahuasca in the west is being more and more discovered by people who are concerend with their spiritual growth and who want to deal with and solve the bottlenecks in their life.


An Ayahuasca ceremony is a transpersonal journey you can undertake to experience her healing visions in order to cure or transform.  Ayahuasca is a traditional medicinal drink from the Amazon which was and is used by shamans in order to receive healing amongst other things.  It is the most important medicine to expand your consciousness in which you will journey through the different dimensions of your soul.  I offer the possibility to explore this in an individual or duo Ayahuasca ceremony.  As an experienced regression therapist I offer a safe and quiet setting in Brakkenstein Nijmegen at the edge of the woods Heumensoord.


"I felt supported in my experience in every way possible.  To me you are a shaman in the truest sense of the word!"  Anonymous


"It was the most profound experience I ever had.  I felt purified afterwards, immensely grateful, full of love and gratitude for life and the people around me.  To be able to experience this together with my partner made it even more intense.  A wonderful and magic experience"  Alice


An individual or duo ceremony is overall being experienced as very pleasant, because one is not hindered by all kinds of group energies so there will be a better concentration on ones own experience and healing.


Ayahuasca Netherlands
Preparing brewing Ayahuasca
Ayahuasca Netherlands


Visions and healing

The Ayahuasca I brew myself with the intention to give you a beautiful ceremony.  Usually I am brewing, sieving and evaporating for several days.  The Ayahuasca consists of two or more different parts of plants.  As I mentioned Ayahuasca is a visionairy medicine and a body's own substance that has an influence on the pineal gland (or third eye which is also called the gateway between the material and spiritual worlds). 


"The beginning of the ceremony was fierce.  Especially the process of surrendering to the medicine plant.  After this the journey became beautiful and special.  I have come to a certain understanding and I feel reset in a way.  A wonderful experience that enriched me"  Anonymous


"In the beginning I felt fear to surrender to the Ayahuasca.  I died several times and was reborn again.  In all this dying I felt consciousness will always be there and that feeling grew stronger.  At one point I got up to the faucet and the flowing water supported me.  Grief from deeper layers flowed naturally out of me.  And then this felt like a baptism.  I always looked for power outside of me, but now I know the power is in me.  It radiates in and from my chest :-)"  Mike


In a ceremony you are able to address and tackle deeply rooted convictions and blockages. You are able to retrieve lost soul parts.  Unprocessed fears, sadness or anger can be released.  Or you can connect to departed souls.  With Ayahuasca it is possible to be confronted with the depths of your soul.  Old pains are allowed to be released during the journey.  Besides all this you will be able to experience non duality.  It all depends on your intention!  Ayahuasca shows what is and brings you to your deepest self which has a unique healing effect.  A part of the ceremony you most probably wil travel through  your own shadowsides to end up in greater understanding and love for yourself and the universe.


Ayahuasca ceremony Netherlands



There are different posibilities to experience the healing powers of Ayahuasca.  I guide individual as well as duo ceremonies, during the day as well as during the evening.  Ayahuasca is traditionally drunk during the evening.  Besides this you can choose a one day as well as a two day as well as a three day ceremony.  Let me know whether you have other wishes and I will see if your wish belongs to the possibilities.



You might notice your Ayahuasca experience begins from the moment you made an appointment for the ceremony.  During the preparation there is a period of fasting (soup- and or fruit juice fasting) of at least three days about which you will receive more information after your registration.  Some foods and medications do not go together with Ayahuasca.  And when you surrender to the Ayahuasca and you drink it with good intentions and gratitude you will have a liberating journey!



The duration of a ceremony is usually between four and eight hours. There will be no extra charges for the food, drinks and the stay overnight. It might be convenient to not plan anything the day after, because Ayahuasca might still be working for you. The first few days after a ceremony you might still come to face some pleasantly surprising things.










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