Ayahuasca: Soul Medicine of the Amazone Jungle: a comprehensive and practical guide - Javier Regueiro


If you want to further orient (or delve more deep into) the preparation of your ceremony I can wholeheartedly recommend this book.  A comprehensive and practical guide is exactly what it is: a handbook for people who are just starting with Ayahuasca ánd for those who are already experienced with Ayahuasca but have not yet reached the results they were looking for.  The book is a guide to achieve maximum result in personal healing  and spiritual development through the plant medicine Ayahuasca.


Regueiro builds a bridge between the original use of Ayahuasca by Amazonian shamans and the current usage in the West.  The book not only gives information on background and history of Ayahuasca, but also shows how to get the most benefit of using the medicine plant.  Regueiro repeats the importance of a clear intention by which one begins a ceremony, but also the importance of having no expectations.  Het further discusses the importance of letting go and forgiveness.  And certainly not the least important how you can integrate your Ayahuasca experiences in your daily life.  He provides us with some practical tips concerning integration.


"Drinking Ayahuasca is a hero's journey: it allows us to finally visit a magical place filled with treasures. If we bury these treasures they will not be of much use and soon forgotten. Information alone is not power: the use of such knowledge is what really empowers us: how we translate the teachings received by the plant medicine can be enticing or daunting, depending on our willingness to change"


And quite unique in a book about Ayahuasca Regueiro warns of the shadow side of Ayahuasca: sorcery and black magic amongst shamans in Peru.  As you read and hear about now and then, and Regueiro knows how to articulate this clearly.  What it is and how you can deal with it.  He also has a special focus  on contemporary developments in which we will gradually allow more feminine energy.  A handbook we can really recommend!



The Therapeutic Use of Ayahuasca - Beatriz Caiuby Labate en Clancy Cavnar


The collected articles tell about using Ayahuasca with a variety of problems.  The book presents a number of perspectives of the therapeutic potential of this hallucinogenic brew.  In addition it adds to the growing evidence of the therapeutic evidences.  The book builds a bridge between western medicine and the traditional ritual use of Ayahuasca. 



Ayahuasca Medicine - Alan Shoemaker


In this book Shoemaker talks about his life with humor and passion.  A life in which he was being prepared to become an Ayahuasquero: he who heals with the help of amongst others the visionary plant medicine Ayahuasca.  The book shows that Ayahuasca tourism in Peru for example symbolizes a new awakening in the West.  An awakening we are in need of to reconnect with the universall powers.



Matrix Guerilla - Lars Faber



You could see Matrix Guerilla as an atom bomb for the human mind.  When you let it all sink in what Faber writes it probably is.  As a trickster he brutally confronts you with your ingrained convictions.  He puts the finger on all your unfree spots.  And he sees Ayahuasca as a 'Red Pill' through which you (sometimes) embrace the painful truth.  Raed it when you doubt the system we live in!